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The 10 Commandments of Cast Iron Care

We're not suggesting that there are rules associated with the 'Cast Iron Cult.'

However, once you learn to appreciate a well cared for cast iron pan, you too shall abide by these 10 commandments.

Cast iron pans can last for generations if cared for with kind diligence.

1.    Baby cast iron.

  • New pans need to mature.  Old pans need gentle care.

2.    Never use soap to clean cast iron.

  • Use hot water and mild abrasives only.

3.    Wash by hand only; every time you use it.

4.    Mild abrasives only.

  • Kosher salt, bristled brushes, soap-free plastic scrubbies only.

5.    Season often.

  • After washing, heat slightly and apply a thin coat of oil.

6.    Store in a dry place.

  • Humidity is cast iron's 'kryptonite.'

7.    Remove invasive rust immediately.

  • Steel wool, followed by a slight heating and thin coat of oil.

8.    Season seasonally.

  • 4 times per year, scrub with steel wool, apply oil and heat to medium heat.  Repeat oil application & heating 3 times.

9.    Do not let other metal pans sit inside your cast iron without a barrier between them.

10.  Obey these commandments and pass your cherished cast iron pans onto your grandchildren.

Seasoning cast iron
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