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Grilled Beef Tri Tip
Grilled Beef Tri Tip

1        ea                2-3 lb Beef Tri Tip Roast
2        Tbsp            Olive oil
1/2     C                 Spice Union Beef Barbeque Rub


  1. Bring the Beef Tri Tip roast to room temperature.

  2. Preheat your grill to 400°F- setting up for indirect cooking.

  3. Brush the entire Tri Tip roast with olive oil and season with Spice Union Beef Barbeque Rub

  4. Place the Tri Tip roast over the hottest part of the grill.

  5. Cook the Tri Tip roast for 3-4 minutes.

  6. Turn the Tri Tip roast on its side.  Continue to cook the Tri Tip roast for 3-4 minutes per side.  

  7. After searing the Tri Tip roast on each side, move the Tri Tip roast to the indirect heat side of the grill.

  8. Immediately adjust the temperature on your grill to maintain a temperature of 300°F.

  9. Continue to cook the Tri Tip roast until it reaches your desired doneness (internal temps: 120°F for rare, 125°F for medium-rare).  Do not cook a Tri Tip roast past medium-rare or it will get tough.

  10. Remove the Tri Tip roast from the grill and let it sit for 5-7 minutes before cutting.

  11. When cutting a Tri Tip roast, understand that there are two muscle grains in a Tri Tip roast.  (click here to see how to cut a Tri Tip roast)

  12. Serve with grilled vegetables, a drizzle of olive oil or a great chimichurri sauce (click here for the recipe)

We suggest using any of the spices listed below when making this recipe. Click the package to learn more about the spice.
Beef Barbeque Rub
Honey Habanero Rub
Ultimate Seasoning Blend
French Chef's Blend
Blackening Spice Blend
Hot Java Coffee Chipotle Rub
Grilln' & Roastn' Spice Blend
Wild Game Seasoning Blend
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