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Johnny's St. Clair Coleslaw
Johnny's St. Clair Coleslaw
Johnny's St. Clair Coleslaw is the perfect side dish to fried chicken, a fish fry, summertime cookout, on top of a heaping pulled pork sandwich or to add a fresh crunch to any tacos.


1        Tbsp            Celery Seed
1/2     Tsp              White pepper
1/2     Tsp              Salt 
1        Tbsp            Sugar
1        Tbsp            Dried Basil
1        Tbsp            Dried Oregano
1/4     Tsp              Ground Cumin
1/2      lb               Green cabbage- finely shredded
1/4      lb               Red cabbage- finely shredded
1/2      C                Onion- finely minced
1/2      C                Fresh Italian parsley- finely minced
1/2      C                Carrot- grated on a box grater
3         Tbsp           Fresh Lemon juice
1/4      C                Extra virgin olive Oil
3         Tbsp           Canola Oil
2         Tbsp           White Wine Vinegar
1/4      Tsp             Fresh garlic- very finely minced


  1. In a mortar and pestle, combine celery seed, white pepper, salt, sugar, basil, oregano and cumin.

  2. Grind the seasonings together in the mortar and pestle until the herbs are almost a powder.

  3. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and toss until homogeneously blended.

  4. Let the coleslaw refrigerate for at least 1 hours before serving.

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