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The French Chef's Blend is going to amaze you! No matter what you are cooking, this spice blend is going to take the taste to the next level! Bold notes of savory onion and garlic, big herbal aromas to follow and a little kick of black pepper on the backside.


Use the French Chef's Blend anywhere that you would use salt and/or pepper.  Whether your grilling, sautéing, smoking, poaching, seasoning foods just before serving; you're going to love this blend! Grind it a little finer in a mortar and pestle or ceramic spice mill and put on your morning eggs, French fries, tator tots or even popcorn. We've yet to find a food that doesn't love this blend.

French Chef's Blend

  • Slow smoking, roasting, sauté, pan searing, direct heat or indirect grilling for smaller cuts of meat, Fish and Seafood such as Shrimp or Scallops. Delicious on your morning eggs or your popcorn while watching your favorite movie.


    Our Favorite uses: 

    Chicken: Slow grilled chicken pieces and smoked wings

    Beef: Yes! Just about any cut of beef with the Anything and Everything spice!

    Pork: Grilled center cut pork loin chops

    Lamb: Grilled lamb kabobs

    Fish: Pan seared slamon with a lemon buerre blanc

    Seafood: Grilled Sea Scallops

    French Fries: Season French fries or tator tots right out of the fryer or oven

    Vegetables: Grilled broccolini

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