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Spice Union's Zesty Ranch Mix is just what you need to make amazing Ranch dip or salad dressing.  Naturally ketogenic, the Zesty Ranch Mix is simple to use; simply combine the mix with mayonnaise, sour cream, vinegar and lemon juice for the best Ranch dip you'll ever taste. Add milk to make it into a dressing.  Both recipes are on the back label.


Our robust blend of herbs and spices and small batch production set Spice Union's Zesty Ranch apart from mass produced products. Kicked up with plenty of dill, chives, garlic and a little tickle of cayenne on the edges of your tongue- you're going to want to dip veggies all day long!

Zesty Ranch Mix - 3.7oz

    • Dip
    • Salad dressing
    • Pasta salad
    • Season mashed potatoes
    • Whip into pimento cheese
    • Mix into mayonnaise and mix with ground turkey or chicken for burgers


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