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Budget Friendly Corporate Gifts

Whether you're thanking loyal customers, showing appreciation to great business partners or spiffing the sales team, Spice Union premium spice blends will fit your budget and truly be appreciated!

Corporate Gift Inquiry Form

In good taste, the Spice Union brand says,

"We appreciate you!"

  • Budget friendly gifts for all occasions - corporate gifts starting at $25.00 (including shipping).


  • Filling swag bags, spiffing the sales team, company picnic giveaways or thanking business clients at holiday time; Spice Union premium spice blends are truly appreciated.

  • Customize the gift pack and include a personal message.

  • We can ship the gift directly to the lucky recipient. Yes, gifts starting at $25.00 (including shipping). [this is not a typo]


  • Quick turn around of orders​.


"I can't believe how fast you did this and people LOVE it.  I want to be your best customer ;-)"

-Susan, Global VP, IBM

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