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Looking to buy, sell or distribute a whole bunch of Spice Union premium spice blends?

Fund raising?

Spice Union premium spice blends hit a price point sweet spot.  You don't have to build, bake, make, or create.  You simply hit the streets with your team of fund raisers and start selling.


Please fill out the form below, and we'll

be in touch with you shortly.

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We make it easy to succeed with the Spice Union brand.

  • Quick turn around of orders.

  • Case packs of 8 means you hold less inventory.

  • Retail ready packaging.

  • Amazing flavors to offer your customers.

  • We help your customers succeed - over 175 recipes and tons of great cooking/kitchen tips on

  • Sharp packaging that makes a great brand statement on the retail shelf.

  • Shipped directly to your store or warehouse.

  • Appreciation for your business and support.

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