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Rants & Raves


Thank you to the Spice Union Community for sharing your thoughts on our products.

We're excited to share your feedback and reviews with others in the Spice Union Community.




"My entire family loves the Spice Union Sweet & Smoky Rub.  Our favorite is your recipe for smoked ribs with the apricot lemongrass glaze, but we have found many of your recipes to be easy to make and really tasty.  Thank you for sharing so many great recipes and making delicious products without all the fillers and preservatives."

          - Brianna D., Springfield, MO

Spice Union:  Thank you Brianna.  We'll keep doing what we do; you keep enjoying great meals made with Spice Union products.

"WOW!  I just served my dinner guests grilled pork tenderloin seasoned with your Spice Union Honey Habanero Rub.  They loved it so much, they insisted that I send you a note right now!  Not too hot, just the right amount of heat for everyone at the table.  Great notes of honey and pops of black pepper and coriander!  In the background lingers that nice heat from the habanero.  So so so good!"

          - Leslie G., West Chester, PA

Spice Union:  Thanks Leslie.  We'll pass your kudos onto our lab dwellers.  The Honey Habanero Rub is a favorite around here too!

"You guys at Spice Union have brought my venison to a new level.  Your Wild Game Seasoning is as close to perfection as I have tasted.  The smoked chiles, juniper berries and cracked pepper set it apart from any other game seasonings I've used before.  Truly delicious!"

          - Keith L., Appleton, WI

Spice Union:  Thanks Keith.  This is exactly what we were hoping to achieve with the Wild Game Seasoning.  Glad you love it & continued success on your hunts.

"Your Smokin' Chic Rub is awesome!  Great smokey flavor and just the right amount of heat.  Keep fighting the good fight!"

          - Steve T., Jonesboro, AR

"You've hit a homerun with your Grilln' & Roastn' Spice Blend!  We've seasoned pork, chicken, fish and steaks with it.  Great results every time.  We've grilled, smoked and roasted with this seasoning.  We love it!  Next time, I'll buy 3 bottles.

          - Alex S., Harrison, MO

Spice Union:  Thank you Alex.  Keep the fires burning!  Reach out to us if you want to buy in bulk.


"I've used the Chesapeake Bay Spice Blend and the Beef Barbeque Rub several times.  The family loves every bite of it!  Both spice blends are very versatile - we love the Chesapeake Bay Blend on crab, shrimp and sea bass.  The Beef Barbeque Rub is great on steaks and puts a nice upscale twist on burgers.  Thanks for doing great products.

          - Nick P., Salisbury, MD

Spice Union:  Thanks Nick, nice suggestion on the upscale burgers.  We'll give that a try too.


"9 Stars out of 10.  The Blackening Spice could be a little hotter, but having said that- the heat is just right to please everyone at our table.  So happy to see great product on the market that doesn't have fillers and MSG.  Thanks Spice Union!"

          - Sue W., Des Moines, IA


"Killer Polynesian Luau Spice Blend!  Having lived in Hawaii for 7 years and going to luaus with every visiting family member, I'll attest that your luau seasoning is better than anything I had in Hawaii.  The best pork butt I have ever turned out.  It is amazing on smoked chicken thighs too."

          - James K., Redding, CA

Spice Union:  Thanks James for sharing your success.  Sorry you're not still in HI.


"Having never cooked with Garam Masala before, I was happy to see suggestions on your site of how to best use it.  I prepared a simple braising liquid with the Spice Union Garam Masala, coconut milk, onion and kaffir lime leaf.  Once heated through, I braised fresh halibut and served over rice with big sprigs of cilantro.  Truly amazing!  I'm so thankful for the great Garam Masala and guidance from your site.  I'll be buying more from Spice Union!"

          - Candace R., Portland, OR

Spice Union:  Nice work Candace!  So happy you find our suggested dishes useful.  Keep trying new things in the kitchen.  The possibilities are endless.


"I'm swearing off the big supermarket brands!  So happy to see small batch production and care going into Spice Union products.  I've used the Ultimate Seasoning Blend on just about everything and can't seem to find anything it doesn't go well with.  The Barbeque Spice Rub is great- has a nice kick of pepper.  You're spot on that it is amazing on slow smoked chicken wings.  Great with beer can chicken too!  This could become an obsession.  My kids made me get a bigger smoker.  They just can't get enough!"

          - Pete H., Madison, WI

Spice Union:  Uhm, Pete.  Really?  The kids made you get that bigger smoker?  Glad you've got a happy and well fed gang over there.  Cheers!


"Hands down, the Smokin' Piggy Rub takes the medal!  My father-in-law (from Georgia) even sings it praises.  Honestly, if you knew him, you would know how huge that is.  Perfect balance of salty, smokey, sweet and spicy.  He doesn't know it yet, but that half hog at his retirement party is going to be slathered in Smokin' Piggy Rub.  Spice on my friends..."

          - Larry M., Rockingham, NC

Spice Union:  It's an honor to be included in your father-in-law's retirement party.  You'll be a rock star with that half hog.  Happy eating!

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