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No Bull!


We value truth, quality and responsibility.


That is what you can expect from us.  No Bull!

Our No Bull Beliefs:


The right seasoning enhances the natural flavors in the foods we eat.


Great results begin with great ingredients.


We really do believe that anyone can cook.  Given the right ingredients, proper cooking methods and a boost of confidence; anyone can have success in the kitchen, back yard or tailgate lot.  We aim to help.


Cooking is fun.  Spice Union wants to boost the fun quotient.  Regardless of your cooking experience, we believe we can make it easier for you to enjoy cooking.


These days, we're all food critiques.  At Spice Union, we're shooting for less critique and more "Oh, that's so good" moments during the meal.


Keep it Simple Principle One:  We don't bow to non-food products in our food.  Our spice blends are simply spice blends.  No fillers, no anti-caking agents, no MSG, no nitrates or other preservatives.  No Bull!


Keep it Simple Principle Two:  We formulate Spice Union blends to compliment the recommended food pairings.  There's no glory in dishes that combine too many flavors or cause you to breathe fire.  


We appreciate your support and whole heartedly, hope you fall in love with Spice Union products.  Please, let us know how everything turns out.



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Fine print:  For the record, some No Bull that proved to be Bull:  Mayonnaise is a food group. [That caught up with us]  Donuts are a food group. [We choke up at this too]  Oreo cookies aren't just for breakfast. [We can't comment on this; it's too painful]

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