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The Spice Union Grilln' & Roastn' Spice Blend is a great seasoning blend for anything you plan to put on the grill or in your oven.  Formulated to be versatile, the Grilln' & Roastn' Spice Blend will add deep savory notes to whatever you are cooking.  An unique fusion of herbs, spices with supporting undertones from rosemary and thyme.  Whether you're grilling, smoking or roasting, the Grilln' & Roastn' Spice Blend will compliment your finished dish.


The Spice Union Grilln' & Roastn' Spice Blend pairs tremendously with chicken, beef, pork, lamb, fish, shrimp, scallops, wild game or vegetables.  Perfect for large or small cuts of meat, regardless of whether you will be cooking with direct heat or indirect heat.  Spice Union spice blends are all natural. No msg. No anti-caking agents. No nitrates, or other preservatives. Simply spices and herbs in each premium blend from Spice Union.

Grilln' & Roastn' Spice Blend (4oz avail.)


    Slow smoking, roasting, direct or indirect grilling.


    Our Favorite uses: 

    • On the Grill:  Grilled Pork Chops, Grilled Ribeye, Grilled Game Meats
    • Roasting:  Pork Roast, Roasted Potatoes, Roast Prime Rib of Beef, Roast Butternut Squash
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