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Shake on some bold flavors with Hot Java Chipotle Coffee Rub. Made with real espresso beans, this rub will give whatever you're cooking a real buzz! The chipotle heat is centered in the tasting experience and will linger for almost 10 minutes in your mouth, throat and belly. Not too hot; just the right amount to tease your palate for another bite.


Suitable for seasoning beef, chicken, pork, lamb, wild game and vegetables. Because this rub contains a small amount of sugar, we suggest using it for direct heat grilling, smoking and roasting.


*Limited quantities are available for the Hot Java Chipotle Coffee Rub. Very small production runs, high quality ingredients and dedication to producing an amazing end product drive this decision. So, get it while you can.  We'll make more, but when is the question.

Hot Java Chipotle Coffee Rub *Limited Edition*

  • Slow smoking, roasting, indirect and direct grilling for smaller cuts of meat such as steaks, chicken breasts/thighs or pork chops.

    Our Favorite uses: 

    • Chicken: Boneless grilled chicken thighs and smoked wings
    • Beef: Grilled ribeye steak or skirt steak for carne asada
    • Pork: Smoked ribs, smoked pork shoulder or grilled pork tenderloin medallions
    • Lamb: Grilled lamb loin chops
    • Fish: Grilled mahi mahi
    • Seafood: Smoked scallops
    • Vegetables: Any kind of grilled vegetables
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